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An Ode to A Bath

There’s an age-old debate about showers versus baths but for me a bath is the ultimate way in which to chill and the one thing that you can tailor to your tastes – there is no right or wrong way to enjoy a bath.

Can I say, as a mum, it’s also perfectly acceptable for me to disappear without anyone invading my privacy – that alone is enough to make it appeal! I might take a glass of something with me, a snack, heck, I’ve seen people enjoy takeaways in the bath (oh what social media shows you of people’s lives). You might have music on, flip through a magazine, bring a book or enjoy being alone with your thoughts.

There’s also something to be said about bathing being an act of self-care. Any stress, worry or anxiety can dissolve as you put your head back and sink into the water. A friend of mine referred to a bath as ‘a cosy warmth that envelops you like a hot water bottle you can wear’. I love that analogy and it’s true, sinking into the water you can literally let everything wash over you and relax.

It allows you to pamper and treat yourself, to actually ‘splash out’ on things that you want. I have a lovely stash of special bath products and let me tell you, woe betide anyone who uses those… Bath bombs, fizzes, bubbles, oils, scents - whatever you fancy.

Let’s not forget to mention the health benefits of baths. Studies suggest that baths before bed can contribute to a better, deeper sleep, not to mention reducing stress levels and boosting our feel-good hormones. Plus, the added bonus of helping to treat skin complaints. Some drops of emollient to soothe eczema, Epsom salts to help heal, I’ve even used porridge oats when my son had the most horrific case of chicken pox.

There’s a reason it’s been said Cleopatra was so beautiful – she apparently bathed in milk although I’m not sure my husband would appreciate the food bill if I took up that particular habit…. 

So, no matter what you enjoy in, with or during your bath, make it your own and enjoy. If you end up looking like Cleopatra, then surely that’s a bonus of turning those taps on!